Keep projects on track and on budget.

Plot is workspace for creative teams to get a quick pulse on their projects and access what they need to keep things moving.
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Plot project page

Deliverables in one place. C

No more digging through emails. Access all your project deliverables (including revisions and feedback history) in one workspace.

project progress.

Keep track of

Get a quick pulse on your project progress from your agencies. View the status of your work by tracking deliverables, feedback and approvals.
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All your projects in one easy glance. D

Get a quick pulse across all your projects and never say "where's that spreadsheet" ever again.
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in one place.

Centralize deliverables

Digging though 50 threads of emails to find the deliverable you approved? Access all your deliverables from any platform (including revisions and feedback history) in one workspace.

Track any project and any deliverable. A

We fully embrace lurking. Teams can follow any project or track any deliverables to ensure it delivers what they need and when they need it.
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in your face.

Action required,

Know exactly what you need and when from your agencies. No missed emails or last-hour feedback.

Transparency with scope changes. E

Approve scope changes and see the impact to your project timeline.
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designed to lurk.

Project space

Need to get your stakeholders attention? See who's lurking on your project or reviewing your latest feedback. Know when to nudge to get things over the finish line.
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