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A proactive space to automatically organize content for you and easily searchable using visual memory.
Bri reynolds
social media manager
What I LERV is, say I see a TikTok I want to use for inspo, I text the link to Plot where it catalogs the post FOR me in my "Creative Juicebox" in-app and on desktop."
Shaquille Foronda
social media Analyst

"One feature that has helped me out SO much is the "Trends" section. With this feature, you and your team are able to capitalize on trending content/topics across platforms!"
Lia zneimer
vp of marketing @teal
I wish this had existed during my time at WeWork. Think Pinterest-board-meets-canvas for you and your team to brainstorm and jam on content together."
Gabriel Gomez
Social Media & Brand @Verizon
“All social media marketers need this tool. Plot changed the way I do work... instantly pulls in trending memes and content AND let’s you add collaborators instantly."
Tameka Bazile
Social media manager @time magazine
6+ years into my career as a social media pro and finally, has created the perfect solution to this problem. From my phone to my desktop and back again, all my ideas are finally in one place."
mila holmes
social media Creator @bymilaholmses
“Plot set the new standard for how social media marketers work. I always have ideas when I'm on the go and it's become my new favorite tool to store my ideas and share with my team."
Chi thukral
sr brand social @hubspot
Creative Juicebox is my fav, I love planning texts and visuals but also the Trending highlight is so helpful because I dont need to dig through my saved videos to find that one sound (iykyk)!"
paula perez
community & social @oatly
Discovering Plot truly helped me take this to the next level 📈. I’ve been keeping up with their 'top trends' tab, which is updated daily with top content from all over the internet.” 

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